Supporting the Project

In 2005 Governor Daniels promised to complete the first three segments of the US 31 project.  These are Hamilton County, Howard County, and St. Joseph/Marshall Counties.  Here’s how the US 31 Coalition and its members plan to support the project until it is completed:

Promote the Project

Educate the public on the need for and benefit of the project, both in the segments that have already started, and those yet to begin.


Protect the Funding

Funding has yet to be identified for Tipton, Miami, Fulton and Marshall Counties. 


Preserve the corridor

The cost of right of way acquisition can be significant.  To keep costs to a minimum going forward, we recommend that counties with vacant land along the US 31 Corridor put into place a “corridor protection plan” so future development doesn’t  occur where the road will be widened.
What Can You Do?
·        Local governments along the US 31 corridor should be preparing local zoning ordinances to protect the US 31 right of way.  The US 31 Coalition is willing to share examples of types of protection used in other parts of the state. 
·        Governments, economic development groups, and companies need to contact INDOT and their state legislators about the importance of this project. State and federal legislative interest will be key to the success of the US 31 corridor improvement project.
·        Share with the Coalition any new economic development information that details the importance of an improved US 31 in your county.